Topaz Jones - Tropicana - Vevo dscvr (Live)

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Topaz Jones performing Tropicana - Vevo Dscvr (Live). 2017 Growing up in Jersey with a mom who knows what time it is when it comes social justice and a dad who knows what time it is when it comes to funk deep cuts, Topaz Jones made his way to NYU armed with some know-how. This is a dude who says he had a boy band with some classmates…in kindergarten. Those with their ears to the ground know the -year-old from tracks like “Winona,” “Howlin’ To The Moon,” and “Powerball.” They’re all part of Jones’ debut disc, ‘Arcade.’ The dreadlocked singer showed us how deep his flow is when he arrived at our dscvr session and rolled through rather irresistible “Tropicana.” Watch Topaz Jones on Vevo: Topaz Jones