Jacob Banks - Mercy - Vevo dscvr (Live)

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Jacob Banks performing Mercy - Vevo Dscvr (Live). 2017 here's a frightening power in Jacob Banks' voice. The R&B maverick from Birmingham, UK, has a gutsy baritone that knock down walls, and when it gets behind the right lyric, as it does in the impressive "Chainsmoking," "Silver Lining" and "Unholy War," a true fire is lit. Passion has been primary from the start. Banks made the decision to enter the music biz after receiving encouragement while singing at a friend's funeral. His 2015 album 'The Paradox' was critically acclaimed for its take on modern soul, and more and more fans on both sides of the Atlantic are finding out about him. Banks and band put everything into their Vevo dscvr performance of "Mercy." Share it with a friend who appreciates the real deal. Director: Micah Bickham Producer: Emily Louick Jacob Banks on Vevo - https://www.vevo.com/artist/jacob-banks http://facebook.com/vevo http://twitter.com/vevo http://instagram.com/vevo http://vevo.tumblr.com Jacob Banks: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobBanksOf... Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrjacobbanks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrjacobbanks http://vevo.ly/M6fpqe