Bantu - Complicated - Vevo dscvr (Live) ft. Shungudzo

About the track
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Bantu hails from Zimbabwe but now calls LA home, and his music reflects both locales. Inspired by the likes of Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, the 23-year-old, born Tinashe Sibanda, started making beats when he was a teen. He came to the US to study music at Florida's Full Sail University, and moved to SoCal two weeks after graduation. Bantu's breakthrough came in 2015 with “Body On Me,” the hit single by Rita Ora (featuring Chris Brown) that he co-wrote and co-produced. Last year he got his solo career rolling with his bubbling debut, “Holiday.” He says he wants his work to “show the colors, the rhythms and the dancing,"" of Africa. That irresistible mashup is in full effect on his just-released EP, 'Africa For The Summer.' For his dscvr session, he invited his pal Shungudzo to roll through "Complicated," which is about communication in 2017. "You know when someone texts you and it’s long paragraphs? It’s never anything good. It could be a relationship, it could be a roommate. It’s like, I don’t even want to read it, it dampens your mood, I know this is serious and it’s like, why are you making this complicated, why don’t we talk about this is person, why don’t you look me in the eyes." Get ready to dance - this one has a big beat. Director: Micah Bickham Producer: Emily Louick Watch Vevo's Riddim Nation playlist: Bantu on Vevo: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Watch music videos at: Get the Vevo app: Follow Bantu Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Soundcloud - Follow Shungudzo: Instagram - Facebook -