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Charlotte Lawrence - "Bloodstream" (Vevo DSCVR) She appreciates the sunshine, but is drawn to the darkness. Charlotte Lawrence likes to use aspects of each when fashioning a new track; both light and dark are key elements of her fetching alt-pop. The LA singer has been designing her music this way for a while now, and on her 'Young' EP, a sense of danger is mixed into the subversively catchy hooks - like a radiant dream that occasionally bubbles up ominous images. Listen to the chiming guitar strums on this performance of "Bloodstream" and then measure them against the siren-song swooping of her voice. They're two halves of one perspective. Lawrence's DSCVR session also included "Sleep Talking," an irresistible track that's earned her a huge wave of fans in a very short time. Share them both with anyone who likes a little emotional contrast on their playlist. Director: Janssen Powers Producer: Emily Louick, Contrast Films Editor: Lika Kumoi Vevo Charlotte Lawrence