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New York singer Kim Viera calls her culture-crossing approach "American Latina." It's a term of pride for the talented Nuyorican artist who genuflects to her Caribbean roots while recognizing her love for, and skills at creating, pop hits. Growing up in a home immersed in music (her dad was an entertainment biz exec and her mom was a singer with the bands of Willie Colon and Rubén Blades), she satisfied her yen to be a performer by covering hits of the day, using influences such as Brandy and La India to tackle tunes by Bruno Mars and Rihanna. Then she hit the big time, co-writing tracks for established artists, including Lil Wayne's "Start a Fire," and debuting her own music with "Gold Lining." Next came the one-two punch of "Tribe" (for the 'Pitch Perfect 3' soundtrack) and "Como" (a collab with Daddy Yankee). Yep, she's rollin'. We invited our latest DSCVR artist in for two performances, "Como" and "Never Listen." She crushes it on each of them. Director: Janssen Powers Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Producer: Emily Louick, Contrast Films Editor: Lika Kumoi Watch Kim Viera videos: Watch Kim's official video for "Como": Watch Kim's official video for "Tribe": Vevo Kim Viera