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Omar Apollo - Kickback (Vevo DSCVR) A Mexican-American singer whose Midwest roots help define him, Omar Apollo is ready to grab the spotlight with moody R&B grooves. Omar’s dad stuck a guitar in his son’s hand early on, and his uncle taught him chords, but his parents were still surprised their boy chose music over college. Fans weren't, though. Give a listen to "Ashamed" or Trouble" to see how he brings old school grit to a modern R&B sound. Omar’s nickname for a recent tour was W.A.N.T. (“We Are Niños Tímidos”), but one glance of his squad in action on our DSCVR shoots of "Kickback" or "Hearing Your Voice" reveals that they’re always ready to kick up some dust. Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Director: Priya Minhas Senior Creative Producer: Senior Logistics Producer: Director Of Photography: Janssen Powers Creative Producer: Priya Minhas Logistics Producer: Emily Louick Editor: Ramy Elsokary Talent/Rep: Parul Chokshi / David McTiernan Omar Apollo Vevo #OmarApollo #OmarApolloLive #Kickback