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Carlie Hanson - Back In My Arms (Live Performance) We've been Carlie Hanson fans for a minute now. Last summer, after falling for her "Only One," "Us" and "Why Did You Lie," we made a mini video portrait that deemed her "a teen badass with a tough heart and killer hooks" who moved from "nowheresville, Wisconsin to Taylor Swift's "favorites" playlist" pdq. Carlie's kept her forward momentum since then, and her music sounds more potent that ever. A Bieber stan and astrology fiend who lays it all out in her performances, the LA-based 19-year-old has toured with Troye Sivan and earned more props from Taylor. Her songs are soaked in an anything-goes spirit and wiseguy attitude, but there's always a thread of tenderness lining her emotions. With songs like “Hazel” and “Cigarettes” from her new ‘Junk’ EP, Hanson reveals her knack for poetically capturing effed-up emotional puzzles. We had her in to blast through two tracks from 'Junk,' "Back In My Arms" and "WYA." Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Director: Priya Minhas Producer: Kyle Goldberg Producer: Maura Scully Producer: Emily Louick Producer: Sacha Thompson Director of Photography: Janssen Powers Editor: Ramy Elsokary Watch the official video of "Back In My Arms": Watch Carlie Hanson videos: Vevo Carlie Hanson #CarlieHanson #CarlieHansonLive #BackInMyArms