Emotional Oranges - Your Best Friend Is A Hater (Live | Vevo DSCVR)

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Emotional Oranges – “Your Best Friend Is A Hater” (DSCVR) Shouldn't the music itself show us everything we need to know about an artist? Emotional Oranges think so. The shadowy R&B made by the anonymous LA duo teems with personality, and its members, who identify themselves only as A and V, have concocted a fetching sound made of retro-futurist grooves. They arrived to applause last year; "Motion" made it to a lot personal playlists, ultimately becoming the official theme of 'Ru Paul's Drag Race.' This year they dropped a terrific EP, 'The Juice, Vol. 1." Their fan base, deemed the “citrus squad” loved it. Cool oddity: The Oranges sound is becoming more mysterious as it becomes more distinct. Therefore optimism is one of their key feels. This past summer A said said they’d be headlining Coachella in five years, and one of their September tweets read “I like who we’re becoming.” We do, too. Watch 'em roll through "Personal" and "Your Best Friend is a Hater" in the DSCVR studio. Watch music videos by Emotional Oranges  https://bit.ly/2HbwEbs Watch the official video of "Personal": https://youtu.be/mZ8yNCa2KbY Emotional Oranges  https://www.instagram.com/emotionalor... https://www.facebook.com/emotionalora... https://www.twitter.com/emotionalorange Vevo http://facebook.com/vevo http://twitter.com/vevo http://instagram.com/vevo Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Director: Micah Bickham Producer: Emily Louick Producer: Sacha Noelle Director of Photography: Janssen Powers Editor: Kevin Rose Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro + Sam Mackoff + David McTiernan #EmotionalOranges  #Personnel #theJuiceVol2 © 2019 Avant Garden/Island Records http://vevo.ly/LwbP7X