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sanah - Invisible dress. An exclusive at-home performance for Vevo DSCVR, the channel for the best in new music. It’s not often that our DSCVR artists’ music videos have over 35 million views, but that’s the massive number sanah’s “szampan” has surpassed since its release at the top of 2020. The Polish indie-pop singer’s hit - “champagne” in English - has added substantial popularity to her unique blend of baroque-meets-Top 40 songwriting. You’ll see on her Instagram that the regal feel of her music extends to her fashion aesthetic - favoring flowing dresses and floral bouquets. That look was in full-effect for her DSCVR shoot, too, during which she not only sang but wowed us further with her violin skills. Performances of “Invisible dress” and “Siebie zapytasz,” a trotting ballade from her recently released full-length “Królowa dram,” will charm both Polska fans and inquisitive ears all over the world. sanah Vevo Director: Nick Calafato Senior Producer: Nick Calafato Production Coordinator: Bex Donnelly Production Team: TheDREAMSstudio Talent Relations: Olga Szmigielska Vevo Design: Bee Clark Edit/Grade: Helen Duque #DSCVR #sanah #InvisibleDress