Lil Xan - Midnight In Prague (Official Video)

Official Music video for "Midnight In Prague" performed by Lil Xan. Directed By: FLASHFAKER Kinfolk Jon (Producer) Pvlace of 808 Mafia (Keys) Tayo (Drums/808) DJ FU (Choirs) Ben Great (Synth Bass) Danny Winn (Saxaphone) Midnight In Prague, Spending Money A Broad Fucking Bitches A Broad Can Not Tell What She Off And She Can Tell That I’m On And They Can Tell That Im On She Can Tell That I’m On They Can Tell That Im On (Chorus X2) (Verse) She said she need a follow back, the most you’ll get is a cab. And as she stumbled out the doors she said she’ll see me at 4. Anxiety starts to kick my ass, I think I need to pop more. Feel like I’m drowning in the ocean and I’ll never see the coast again. Put all of my faith into this God they told me I should trust. I feel the inner demon, he telling me this treason. I’m looking for a reason, I woke up on the floor, ambition on the ceiling, thinking how do I reach it?? And all the foes telling lies, no I cannot deleted it. And if my friends see me die I hope I was not bleeding. I spent a night up abroad. I spent a night up in Prague. Rocking anything but Gucci see me Yves St Laurent! (Chorus X2) (Verse 2) How you go your whole life without ever being heard? Don’t wanna die with your pride covered all on your shirt. Don’t wanna die be on the other side watching you cry. Momma hold your cold hand thinking watching your life. Wishing her son thought more and just swallowed his pride. And nothing would’ve happened if his passport denied. Screaming out to the heavens can not go back in time. Screaming out to the heavens can not go back in time. Like what’s uppp. (Chorus X2) Copyright (C) 2019 Xanarchy Music. #MidnightInPrague #LilXan #Xanarchy